Since 2009, we've been caring for cats in our small, select and secure cattery in the heart of the Dordogne.

Located in the hamlet of Lagrave near Le Coux et Bigaroque, the Cattery at Lagrave is equidistant from Le Bugue, St Cyprien, Belves and Le Buisson. Our sole aim is to provide individual attention in a safe environment for your cat while you are away from home.

In choosing the Cattery at Lagrave you are giving your cat a peaceful, calm environment with loving attention and care. Cats from different households do not mix so your cat’s pad is its own territory.

The cattery is near the house and we visit throughout the day to not only check your cat's well-being but to interact with them. We want to give your cat the same love and affection that we give to our three resident felines at Lagrave… Lord Byron, Amelie and Mollo.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Cattery at Lagrave

Why Choose us?

Small: only 10 pads including 4 family units

Select: quality care and attention for all our feline clients

Secure: the safety and wellbeing of your cat is paramount



Our south-facing cattery takes advantage of any sun, but provides adequate shade in the summer. Insulated bedding areas keep our feline clients warm in winter.

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Transport your cat(s) in a sturdy cat carrier. And remember to bring something that smells of home! Book as early as you can, especially during peak holiday periods.

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All cats boarding with us must be fully inoculated as specified by a vet. Please ensure that your cat has been treated for fleas and wormed before arrival.

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Our competitive rates are inclusive of all food, bedding and litter with no extra charge for those all important cuddles and playtime. We offer discount for stays over four weeks.

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I love cats because I enjoy my home; and little by little, they become its visible soul...
— Jean Cocteau (1889-1963), French poet